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Happy Festivus

A very Happy Festivus to the Seinfeld fans.

 For those wondering how we celebrated Festivus this year, we had to abbreviate some of the traditions.

 Our aluminum pole from the crawl space got packed in the long-term storage.

My dad is too fragile to compete in the feats of strength. 

And we had spent most of the year airing our grievances, so we thought we’d take a break today.  But this is not to say we still don’t have plenty of grievances against others.

 Till next year,

Happy Festivus from Seth and Kristen!

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Hi, if you are coming to our page it’s probably because you already know us and want to keep track of all of our adventures abroad. But in case you don’t know us here is a little about us. We are Seth and Kristen Kolb. We started dating in Dallas in November of 2004 and got married almost a year ago on December 17, 2005.  We have started this blog because we just found out that Seth has landed his dream job with the Foreign Service which will be taking us to the far ends of the earth. We wanted a way to keep up with friends and family.  We will be moving from Dallas to Washington, DC on January 2 where we will be for 10 weeks to 10 months. In addition to the adventure of this move, we recently learned that we will be having an addition to our family in July.  The baby has no idea what adventures are ahead (and neither do we)! We will be inconsistent with entries for the next few weeks because we will be moving but check back soon if you are  interested!

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