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The adventure continues!

We turned in our bid list on Monday.  We had to cut our highs down significantly due to government policies on having a baby abroad. We will spare you all of the crazy details. On Thursday, Seth heard from someone on the decision-making committee that no one was assigned to a post that they rated low. So, you can look at our list and know that we will end up at one of the medium or high posts. It feel like more info would bring clarity but it is still pretty unclear where we will end up and when. It is still possible that Seth will have to head to post before the baby is cleared which could mean that he would be leaving 3-4 weeks before us (but still after the baby is born). We are praying that the government will extend his training if we are in that situation. Mexico City and San Jose would both start in October so we are really hoping for one of those! We are praying against Juarez and Nogales if you want to join in!  Although the decision has been made we will not know where we are going until Feb 15th and we will for sure let you know when we know! The adventure continues! By the way, the baby is handling everything quite well!

Bogota, Mexico City, San Jose

Belgrade, Bucharest, Caracas, Ciudad Juarez (2), Kuala Lumpur, Nogales, Seoul, Tel Aviv (2)

Lows: (the # means how many positions are open)
Abidjan, Ashgabat, Astana (2, Sorry Graham!), Baghdad (2), Beirut, Bridgetown, Chengdu, Chennai (3), Ciudad Juarez, Conakry, Dhaka, Guadalajara, Guangzhou, Guatemala City, Ho Chi Minh, Iraq, Islamabad (2), Jakarta, Jeddah (2), Jerusalem, Khartoum, Kinshasa, La Paz, Lima (2), Majuro, Matamoros, Mbabane, Mexico City, Monrovia, Monterrey (3), Moscow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Nouakchott, Nuevo Laredo, Ouagadougou, Panama City, Paris, Port Au Prince, Port of Spain, Rabat, Riyadh (2), San Salvador, Sanaa (2), Santo Domingo, Shanghai, Suva, Tbilisi, Tegucigalpa, Tijuana, Tirana


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