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Some of you may be wondering why we have been so negligent to blog lately. We have had our hands full! With what???…Jackson David Kolb. jacksons-birth_041.jpg Born Monday morning at 7:58 am. He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and measured 21 3/4 inches. He is all legs and arms! He is quite the long and lean little boy. He overcame his cord being in a knot and wrapped around his neck as well as mechonium in his lungs which scored him a visit from the NICU team. He is strong and healthy so we are so thankful! jacksons-birth-day-2_36.jpg We brought him home on Wednesday night and have been running ever since. Jackson was having a hard time feeding for the first few days which led to some very long nights of screaming. Mommy was very ready for some sleep after 5 nights without any. Jackson is settling in and enjoying life now! jackson-day-3_30.jpg We just love looking at him and learning about his personality. He looks different everyday as he grows and has room to stretch! jackson-day-5_32.jpg

Grandma and Grandpa Seckinger have been here working hard to help us with making meals, doing laundry and whatever else needs to be done. Mia and Grandan Kolb, along with Aunt Claire will arrive in less than 2 weeks to meet Jackson. He is so excited to meet them.

Seth was not quite sure about how it would be to change diapers but I must brag that he has become a pro at changing diapers and burping! Jackson just loves it when his Daddy talks to him and reads him books. For those of you who don’t have a baby boy I will forewarn you that you will go through lots of diapers…some just because of sudden unexpected showers. I suggest investing in diaper stocks if you plan on having a baby anytime soon.

Daddy goes back to work on Monday. I have offered for him to use the baby sling and take Jackson along but he thinks Jackson might get bored in Spanish! He’s also not sure if his sleepless brain can transition quickly enough between baby talk and Spanish. He thinks this might interrupt his Spanish rythm. I don’t mind giving it a try just to see if he enjoys it! 🙂

We will keep you posted as often as possible. We happened to come up for air long enough to blog but we can’t guarantee that we will resurface again any time soon.

Here are some pictures from the last few days! Enjoy!

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Jackson Photos

No, we don’t have any photos of him yet.  But we are going to post some to an online photo storage site once he’s born.

Due to security and privacy reasons, you will need a password to view them.  So if any family or friends are interested, email one of us and we’ll send it to you.

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It was coming down to the wire.  Over 20 straight years, and I had one chance left to keep it going.  Considering we are about to have a baby and we’ll be leaving the country in a couple of months, Monday was really my last chance.

I mentioned to Kristen a few weeks ago that I was kinda bummed that I wouldn’t see the Astros play this year, since we wouldn’t be in Houston during baseball season.  She asked me if they were playing in the D.C. area any time soon, and I said that sure enough, they were playing 4 days before Jackson was due.  I had known this for many months but had just assumed it wouldn’t be possible since it was so close to the due date.  But when Kristen found out they would be in town, she not only encouraged me to go but said I should get some other guys to go too.  So, on Monday, I went with a couple of my co-workers and saw the Astros play (and lose), which kept the tradition alive.  Of course, I had my phone on me and checked it constantly in case I had to head home and take her to the hospital.  That didn’t happen.   Which means we’re still waiting.  He’s due on Friday, but with her being induced on Monday, it’s hard for both of us to believe that by this time next week, Jackson could already be sleeping in our home and I could have changed one of my first diapers!

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One week!

We are now down to only one week! We cannot believe that we are to this point and just can’t wait to meet Jackson!!! Over the last few weeks we have been trying to squeeze in movies and dinners out as all of our friends with kids say it will be quite some time until we will be watching a whole movie or finishing a meal. Although we are rightfully terrified about the labor and delivery we are mainly overwhelmed with excitement. We are so curious what Jackson will be like.  I think we are as prepared as we can be logistically but who knows how prepared we really are for the new lifestyle to come! We have a friend from church that had a baby two weeks ago, somehow even seeing her baby doesn’t help the reality set in.  Being a mom is something I have always hoped for but its hard to wrap my mind around the fact that motherhood is actually coming…and in only a week.
At this point we are scheduled to go in to the hospital on the evening of July 22nd. He will likely make his debut on the 23rd unless he decides to surprise us and come on his own schedule. Although I am ready for relief I am feeling sentimental about him not being inside me any more. I am trying to savor this last week when I can feel his little kicks and wiggles! He has moved off my sciatic nerve a little so my limping has decreased! In comparison to a week or so ago I am feeling great.

We will keep you all posted! Pray for us that we will get some much needed sleep in anticipation of the upcoming severe lack of sleep!

We can’t wait to introduce our little baby boy!

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T-Minus 13 Days

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Our tentative inducement date is the 23rd.

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