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One of the best parts of Bogota is Domicilio.  It’s home delivery service of just about anything for less than a $1 most times.  Car batteries, drug prescriptions, furniture, and probably anything else you can imagine.  Including McDonalds.

Ever since I saw the first motor scooter/motorcycle drive by with the golden arches on the delivery bag, I’ve been telling Kristen that I can’t wait to try it.  She hasn’t been quite so enamored with the prospect of having a #1 combo delivered to our doorstep, but she has been supportive of my trying it.

So last night I called up Mickey D’s and ordered a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke.  With the delivery fee, it came out to be around $7.  Which is a little steep, but not when you consider that you could be sitting in your PJs eating a hot, fresh Big Mac without ever having to leave your apartment.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly hot or fresh.  The bun was a little stale.  The fries were room temperature.  And the Coke came in a 20 oz bottle instead of the 32 oz paper cup I’m so used to.  Needless to say, it wasn’t quite as satisfying as I’d dreamed.  And I don’t expect to be ordering it again any time soon.

But at least I can proudly say that I’ve had McDonalds delivered to my door.


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In this job, it’s quite interesting the way people address you when applying for a visa.

Older applicants generally are more respectful and use the Spanish language in such a way that shows deference, even though they are more senior than me.  Younger applicants are more casual in their conversation and address me as such.

I don’t think we really have the variety in English, but here are some examples of “titles” applicants have given me:  doctor, sir, don (think of Don Quixote), your excellency, and mr. consul.  I think I like “your excellency” most of all.  It seems to fit the best. 😉

Actually, all of the titles except for “sir” seem a little much to me.  I have to remind myself that the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking people haven’t forgotten how to show respect.

Now, if I could just get my wife and son to show me respect by calling me “your excellency.”

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Our Little Mono


Over the past few months here in Bogota people have frequently called Jackson “mono”. In Spanish this is monkey. The other day our maid was talking to me about how blond my hair was and she used the word “mona”. We realized that all this time people have been saying that Jackson is so blond not that he is a little monkey! They really should stick to rubio! That would have been much less confusing…and much less offensive! 🙂 As you can see we are still learning Spanish. It will take a lifetime to master. Seth keeps attempting English jokes translated into Spanish…they aren’t going over so well. He gets a lot of confused looks. I get confused looks because I just spit out a bunch of mixed up Spanish and smile. So far it is working for me.

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Fun Times

We have had a good holiday season with our first wave of guests. My parents came just after Christmas and spent New Year’s with us. My brother is here spending a few days with us after going on a mission trip to Quito. We have had a lot of fun getting out more and taking them to parts of Bogota that we haven’t been to. Jackson just loved the extra attention. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks…

Jackson experiencing bubbles for the first time…he was very cautious!

Below is a night out on the town. For the price of a dinner at Chili’s we all got dinners with 2 steaks each. We could have shared one plate for sure…Seth and my dad ate their entire two steaks each.
Dinner at Parque 93

Jackson enjoyed reading lots of books with Grandma before bed in his new Christmas pj’s.

Reading bedtime books with Grandma

Shopping at the market
Shopping for artesanias in a local Sunday market

Thanks Joe and Jo Beth (Mia and Grandan Kolb) for the ice cream maker! We have already used it twice…and gained a few pounds as a result!

Making homemade ice cream on the porch!

Jackson had his first meal of rice cereal which he loved! He tried to grab the spoon to feed himself.

Jackson’s first meal of rice cereal

We went up the mountain one day to Monserate. I was told that I could ride in a funicular if I didn’t want to ride in the gandala…not true! We all had to ride in the gondola. We lived to tell about it. It was a beautiful view of the city and we got to have a traditional Colombian meal at a restaurant overlooking Bogota.



The view from the gondola!

Jackson hanging out with Uncle Graham!

Uncle Graham and Jackson

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jackson so far. He was just relaxing on Seth’s chest, laughing and “talking”.

Jackson and Daddy

This was Graham’s steak at dinner…yes, this is one order! He started to get the meat sweats.


Dinner at Patagonia

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