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Luke is right, #20 is Guatemala City.  Knowing the Seabourns might be there bumps it up on the list!


The country’s largest settlement abroad was Cape Colony, aka Cape Town.  The country is one of the member nations of the Benelux economic union.  This city is the actual seat of government of the country, but not the official capital.  It is also home to all embassies in the country.  Due to Indonesia being one of the country’s former colonies, there is a sizable Indo influence in the city.  The former Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, will be in this city today for his first court appearance.


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So I got brave today and finally tried a recipe from my “Deceptively Delicious” cookbook. I made the brownies with veggies purees in them. I can’t tell you exactly what veggies I did because Seth doesn’t want to know what is in them until he gets to taste it. Anyhow, they are really yummy! You’ve got to try them! I don’t know about anyone else, but I would much rather have a dessert that I can enjoy without feeling bad about eating!

On another very random note, our dear South African friends The Towle’s and The Cook’s surprised Jackson with a Fisher-Price bike yesterday since he lends out his baby gear so much! It was so thoughtful and he loves it!

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Where in the World #20

Thanks for bearing with us during our hiatus.  I don’t think we fully thought through what this game would entail!


This country is one of the most Protestant in Latin America, with about 40% claiming to be Protestants.  Miguel Angel Asturias won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1967.  One of the capitals of Spanish colonial America was moved here in 1629 after a “water volcano” (I have no idea what that is!) destroyed the previous capital.  This is one of the very few countries Kristen and I have both been to.

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#19 was Recife. It is not high on our list but on the list nonetheless!

Today we are taking a hiatus from blogging “Where in the world” to give all of our friends a chance to blog and to give us time to read their blogs! That isn’t really the reason. We are just tired of trying to be creative! But we do love to read our friends blogs and have missed the updates!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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Everyone guessed correctly, #18, Milan. Well done! It’s not super high for us, but one we would definitely consider. Of course, I think we’d all need new clothes before we showed up in our Levis.

This is might be a bit harder. For that reason we’ll give you the country, Brazil.


It is the 5th largest city in Brazil (which means it’s not Sao Paulo or Rio). The city is called a Brazilian Venice. It could host the 2014 World Cup. Surfing has been outlawed among many of the beaches because of shark attacks, which obviously makes it a coastal city.

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Although some will receive negative points for cheating (Dad/Joe), the correct answer is Toronto.  Even though it would hardly be considered as a “Foreign” posting, we’d still take it.


The country includes two large islands as well as having two independent states within the country’s borders.  It is the birthplace of the Renaissance.  The city is one of the fashion capitals of the world. There would be no shortage of good wine or raviolis.

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Act 1 Take 2

One of the fun/exhausting things about being overseas is celebrating almost every holiday multiple times. Jackson had a birthday party in Houston with family and month ago and then today we celebrated with friends here in Bogota. We decided to have everyone meet at the park to minimize the craziness. The kids loved it.  It was a fun opportunity to thank people for their support while Jackson was having his medical adventure. When we got up this morning the clouds were daunting but we braved it. The rain held off until an hour and a half into the party, about the time that we were pooped and ready to go home!  It is a huge park so we didn’t think 40 people would overwhelm it. The “administration” however came over to question Seth. When they came over we had about 10 of us. He asked what we were doing. Seth harmlessly replied that we were “just friends spending time together”. He asked how many more of us were coming. Seth couldn’t really answer that one. He asked how long we would be there…”ummm, till noon maybe”. He then said that in the future we needed to register our parties. Oops.

Here are a few pictures.

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