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Wet n’ Wild

Jackson got a water table for his birthday from his Kolb grandparents. It arrived this week! Since we live in an apt we get cabin fever sometimes so it is nice to finally have the porch safe and the water table here to play with!

It’s finally here!!!

“Helping” daddy put it together

Fill her up! (Wearing Daddy’s undershirt “in case” I get wet.)

“Feet on the ground, Jackson”…one of the most commonly spoken phrases in our home these days. Somehow, he manages to fly most of the day!


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Where in the World #23

I don’t think I would have gotten #22, Vatican City, but I’m impressed so many of y’all did!

#23 – This one seems a little harder.  Guess away!

One of the country’s borders is with Liechtenstein.  The Matterhorn is located in this country as is the headquarters for the Red Cross.  This city was recently found to have the 2nd highest quality of living in the world, outranked only by one of the other cities in this country.  The headquarters for Rolex and other watch companies are in this city.  John Calvin founded a university here, and the world’s oldest international school is located in this city as well.  The international seat of the United Nations is here, as is the International Committee of Committees (that makes me laugh).

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