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Down with the FARC

I think we commented a few weeks ago that it was Colombian Independence Day.  We thought this picture was kind of funny. Seth went down the hill to “get something from the drugstore” and came back with pictures that he took of Jackson at the anti-FARC march. Jackson is either making his “boo on the FARC” face or “mommy is not going to be happy about this” face. Either face is quite appropriate. He probably felt a little abandoned too when daddy put him way out in the road for the picture. What happened to never take your hands off the stroller????!!


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Final Answers!

Well, our series has come to an end! Thanks for enduring!!

The answers to the last post are…..

#24- Vienna, Austria

#25- Paris, France

#26-Bridgetown, Barbados

#27-Capetown, South Africa

Just to sum up and give you an idea of what is on the remaining list, in no particular order…

Bern, Brasilia, Monterrey, Nicosia, The Hague, Caracus, Guatemala City, Mexico City,  Toronto, Asuncion,  Berlin, Bridgetown, Joberg, Milan, Pretoria, Vienna, Amsterdam,  Frankfurt, Kingston, Montreal, Nassau, Recife, Sao Paulo

Obviously, some are higher on our personal list than others. We have 2 weeks to rank them High, Medium and Low and 1-20. We have some more specific research to do but have the general idea of our list after more research this weekend! We would be very happy to be in Bern close to Bo and Leigh!!! Bo and Leigh are our friends that are starting work at Black Forest Academy in Germany. Their plane lands today and we are so excited for them!  And of course there might be the Seabourn’s in Guatemala City, and our South African friends visiting in Pretoria or Joberg, and Sean O’Leary working in Amsterdam, and all of you visiting Barbados for the beaches. Lots of options. We have our work cut out for us!!!

Again, thanks for those that have guessed at our silly game! You made the otherwise very stressful process of paring the list down much more pleasurable! We will make a list of those of you that guessed so that you are sure to have priority on visiting!!!! No, guessing today on the answers we have provided will not land you a spot. Too late folks. The ship has sailed.

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