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Standing Firm

Jackson has been close to walking since we were in Houston. He walks holding on but has only taken about a half step alone. He stands for long periods of time but plops down to get places quickly.

Standing up to watch an Elmo music video…jeans rolled up to prevent tripping when he decides to launch into walking!

Jackson went straight from a bad cold into teething! He is back to the drool and hand in the mouth.

This is Jackson standing on the edge of our fireplace and trying to use the table to climb in…at the moment he was turning to watch something behind him. He usually has one foot dangling off. Seth has decided that he is forbidden to watch the Olympics with us. When he has watched little bits while playing he sits and has a huge grin like he knew it was possible but it was hist first time to see another person try his tricks. He now tucks his head under to attempt somersaults-we did not teach him this!

PS- grandma’s- these pictures don’t do his thicker haur justice! We have had numerous comments from friends that his hair is getting thick even though it’s almost white blonde!


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