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This is just a random update, since the grandmas are so far away we feel like we need to try to keep up on even the stuff that is boring to the rest of the world!

Jackson has been busy this week practicing his words. He has been saying “Hola” and a few other words consistently, and a few others less consistently, but this week he started signing “Thank you” and now says “nana” for banana. It is amazing that once he decides to say something it is so easy for him. If we push him however, he won’t say a thing. When he rides in his stroller now he says “Hola” to people walking by. Last week a couple of ladies in front of him didn’t respond and I realized with each “hola” he was intensifying until he was finally yelling at them. Nothing like commanding attention!

Yesterday Jackson took his first 2 steps!! He waited until Seth came home so that was fun. He seems to be able to do it he just isn’t so motivated.  Seth has made it his personal mission to get him walking. He gets to relax with mommy because I am already chasing him! Boot camp starts when daddy is home from work.

We braved pasta with sauce last night. Jackson was a mess!! Then since it was bathtime we asked him where his head was….yep, Seth had to scrub crusty tomato sauce off his head.

Since Jackson had a cold he has perfected the art of whining. I hear from others that he will have many years to perfect it but he has gotten pretty good! He primarily whines with “Mommmmm, Mommmm, Momm”. I try to teach him to whine with daddy’s name but so far he prefers “mommmmmmmmmmmmm”

Other than Jackson learning to talk and walk we are all just anxiously awaiting word on where we are moving! We could know as soon as tomorrow or as late as next Friday. Seth and I aren’t sleeping well. I don’t know if we will sleep better once we know but we think we will be relieved. You never know until the news hits! At least this time we won’t find out with a big announcement in front of classmates. We can cry in the privacy of our own home!


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