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Plugging along

A bout of tummy trouble in our house has kept us from keeping up with blogging. There really isn’t a whole lot to report since we are kind of plugging along with daily life.

Jackson is almost 16 months old and seems to be learning new things all the time. His favorite past time currently is to carry around his phone (or anything that might have the potential shape of a phone) and talk as he walks. He says “hola, mm hmmm, yeah, bye bye”. He even adds in the appropriate pauses! Jackson is speaking in Spanish and English so that has been amazing to watch him develop both! He is talking a lot and running everywhere. I am having a hard time keeping up!   Last week we went to the park and tried out his “leash”. It is much more innocent than it sounds. It is a cute little bear back pack that happens to have an attachment so we can keep him close. Seth was a bit embarrassed to be seen holding the leash so he quickly was running with a cute back pack and no leash.



Seth is still enjoying his job and has been put on a variety of projects lately. He will be overseeing the Embassy 4th of July festivities this year so that will be fun! And a ton of work for him!

We are busy getting ready for Christmas, making plans and buying gifts. Colombians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so their trees have been up now for a while. It is a bit tempting to give in and put ours up before Thanksgiving! Peer pressure! Of course we know that this will be a challenging Christmas tree year with a 16 month old! I am going to savor these pre-tree days of not saying “no”! And then we will enjoy it while it’s up!We have already gotten the jingle bells out and Jackson has worked hard to make sure we hear the bells throughout the day to remind us that Christmas is coming!

We are anxiously awaiting our trip home to see family and friends! We are hoping for snow in Dallas and lots of Tex-Mex food!

And on to something random..

This is just a link for a happy song we just heard last weekend, (we are way behind so most of your have heard it) it was our friends first dance at their wedding on Sat and we really liked it…

That’s about it from here! Hope you are all well!


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