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This past week was a bit nuts!!!

On Monday, I touched some chemical- soap or something that began burning my face just under my eye. I figured it was a minor irritation.

Tuesday, woke up with eye super swollen and burning spreading down my cheek. Rushed to dermotologist at the hospital. She confirmed a contact burn. Prescribed a cream.

Wed morning, burn had spread over to other side of my face and was covering my whole face. Back to dermotologist for stronger cream.

We came home from hospital to have to fire our maid that helps with Jackson. Last week I walked in after seeing one of my patients and Jackson was eating a cough drop and playing with coins. Jackson’s face began getting a rash and we had to call poison control. On top of a zillion other things we confirmed that although Isnely loved Jackson she was unaware of basic safety and cleanliness. So, sadly we had to fire her. She is responsible for feeding her 4 kids so it was heartbreaking to have to do it. She cried as we talked to her. Ugh.

Thursday morning- face looking very sunburned but feeling SO MUCH better!!!

Friday morning- looking like I paid for a high class chemical peel! New skin! Training new person to care for Jackson so that I can get back to work. Talking all day about washing hands and child safety! Looking forward to the US!

Seth flies to DC on Tuesday. He will be there through Friday for a conference on Fraud. He will be visiting with Ryan and Stephanie and the girls. He will also have the opportunity to check out our possible home while we are in DC. We hope it’s a go so we can have a set address for a bit!

Jackson and I will hold down the fort here. We are praying for safety while our body guard is away!

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