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$5 extravagence

A few weeks ago I passed a truck with packs of 24 roses for 2,000 cps (the equivalent of about a $1). I rummaged through my purse and had no cash!!! I was so bummed. I told Seth I wished I had had cash because I would have bought like 100 roses because they were so cheap. He kind of thought I was silly.

Today, I came around a corner and lo and behold there stood the rose truck! Jackson was starting to fall asleep so I had to go home. After I got Jackson down I was heading out again and much to my delight it was still there when I returned!!!

So, I bought 5 packs! That’s 120 roses! All for the equivalent of $5! They are scattered in vases around the house!

It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing to have this many roses outside of a flower shop!!! At least for me!


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Stinky feet

I haven’t gotten to post in a while. I have been so busy being a boy. Learning to burp, getting dirty in the mud, and trying to stand and jump off anything that looks exciting. Today my mommy took off my slippers and my feet were SO stinky! I felt kind of proud. I know you girls don’t understand this because you like to smell nice and be clean but for some reason I kind of didn’t mind the smell. I kept wanting to smell them. Mommy kept looking at me like I was crazy!! I don’t know why she doesn’t appreciate the great things in life!




Here it is…one of my stinky feet!


“I’m just a boy, mommy. You don’t have to look at me like I am crazy! This is fun stuff!”

This is another picture of me that mommy thinks is cute. To be honest I don’t actually pose for pictures anymore. I prefer to run at the camera and scream “Look, picture, look” because I just discovered to amazing technology of digital cameras and getting to see myself on the screen!! It’s weird though that when mommy shows me the screen they are always action shots in which it looks like I am charging her! Maybe every once in a while I will stop and smile so she will get some good pictures for my scrapbook! I know that would make her happy!


Oh yes, and before I forget…Happy Birthday to my buddy Jonas in Texas! Jonas, the 2nd year is even better than the first my man! The freedom is amazing!!! You can’t imagine the things you will accomplish in this year!! Hope you get to eat lots of yummy birthday cake!

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Seth and Jackson took me out to a nice breakfast before church for Mother’s Day. Jackson wasn’t too excited about it and gave us a hard time but overall we still had a nice time. I got to sleep in which was a huge treat!!! And Jackson gave me a book about Mommies!





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May 1 in many countries is called May Day.  It is celebrated for a variety of reasons, but it is almost always a day of celebration.

For our family, May 1 will always be a day of celebration as well.  Because one year ago today, May 1, 2008, Jackson went in for surgery.  And when he came out, we were expecting to find out if he had the REALLY BAD kind of cancer or only the BAD kind of cancer.  If his leg muscles were going to be severly disfigured or if he was going to be able to walk just fine.  If we were going to be starting chemo and radiation immediately or if it could wait a week or two.

But when the doctor came out and told us it wasn’t cancer at all and only a vascular malformation, you can only imagine our relief and our excitement.  After the doctor told us, we told her to tell our parents, who were waiting with us.  There was more celebration.

Which is why May 1 will always be the Kolb’s personal holiday.  Always be a day of celebration.  Always be a day of giving thanks to our Great God, the Great Physician, who protected our baby.

I won’t speak for Kristen, but I’m pretty convinced, after reflecting for the last year, that God changed the mass in his leg from a malignant mass to something benign.  When a Colombian radiologist (at Colombia’s best hospital), a Colombian orthopedic surgeon (one of Colombia’s best), an MD Anderson radiologist (who had been reading scans for the last 25 years and works at the #1 cancer hospital in the US, if not the world), an MDA pediatric oncologist, an MDA pediatric surgeon, and an MDA pediatric orthopedic surgeon all agree that it’s cancer, it’s hard to imagine that it’s not cancer.  But praise God, literally, that they were wrong.

If you want to re-read our post from last year, here it is.

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