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Drum roll please…

This drum roll has gone on obnoxiously long and we apologize. A while back we promised pictures and the name announcement for our new little guy but we have gotten WAY behind!

We have decided to name our new son Owen Seth Kolb. We chose Owen for a variety of reasons. We both really liked the name to begin with. Seth had a youth leader in junior high and high school who made a big impact on his life. His name was Owen Payne. He passed away from cancer. One of my favorite patients when I worked in Early Childhood Intervention was Owen.  So we both had an affinity for the name. Thus, Owen! And Seth of course because of his amazing daddy!

If you had seen Jackson over the past month or so he would have given away the surprise of the name. He frequently talks about his brother Owen and often checks in to ask if Owen is sleeping or playing in my tummy. When there is a really loud noise he will say “too loud for Owen!”.

Here are the most recent pictures!

19 Weeks

19 Weeks

21 Weeks

21 Weeks

23 Weeks

23 Weeks

The next 4 are of Owen at 19 weeks.

Owen 19 weeks - 4D

Owen 19 weeks - Body with Hand

Owen 19 weeks - Full Body

Owen 19 weeks - Knuckles

As of yesterday Owen is doing great! He is moving all of the time to let us know he is doing well. He is 27 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies! Pray that he stays cozy in there for a while longer! We have had anxiety with traveling and just want to make it safely to my doctor in DC!


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We lose internet in a matter of minutes.  We lose our U.S. phone at the same time.  We fly out from Bogota in a matter of hours.

Almost two years ago, we arrived in Bogota.  Married less than two years.  With a two-month old.  We leave Bogota having been married for almost four years, with a two-year old, and one on the way (around Christmas).

Due to the internet being cut off pronto, we won’t go into too many details and reflect too much.  But we’ve enjoyed our time, made a lot of memories, and met some very special people.  At the same time, we can’t wait to get back to the United States.  Where our home and family are.  Where we feel comfortable and understand the language.  And where the food is fantastic.

So with this post, we let everyone know that we’ve G.T.T. (Gone To Texas) and we’ll be posting more about our soon-to-be-born boy and the rest of our travels.

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