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Owen and Jackson got to meet on Wednesday a couple of days after Owen was born. Because of hospital policy Jackson could not come up to the hospital…which was sad for me but Jackson was having so much fun with Nama (my mom) at home that  he wasn’t too phased. We made a video and Seth showed him me with Owen in the hospital. On Wed Jackson greeted us at the door with great excitement!

Here is a video of his greeting!

Here are a few pictures of Owen coming home from the hospital and meeting his big brother

Not so sure about this going home stuff

Jackson was very sweet when he met his brother. When he first got him in his arms he said “he’s tiny, mommy”.  He said “I am your big brother and I love you baby Owen”. So far he is still loving his brother. He frequently wants to help with him…which is scary at times. He will say to be “I am just picking him up”. We are having to watch very closely that our helpful boy doesn’t carry out most of his plans for Owen!


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Happy Festivus 2009!

I know there are much more important things happening in our life today (like coming home from the hospital, getting ready for Christmas, etc), but it is important to remember the significance of today.

So, Happy Festivus to everyone!  If you would have asked me a week ago, I probably could have aired some grievances, but after holding my newborn son, all the problems in the world seem to melt away.

Hope everyone is having as good of a Festivus as me!

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Owen Seth Kolb arrived this morning at 6:23 AM!  He weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and 21 1/4 inches long.

We arrived at the hospital Sunday night expecting to be induced. When they did a sonogram, they confirmed he was in fact still head down…but so was his shoulder and hand!  So we decided to go ahead and have a C-section Monday morning.

By the time we got to the OR he was breech once again and presented with feet first!  So it seems like a C-section was always inevitable.

Owen is healthy and doing great.  He has brown hair like his daddy!  The c-section was no fun but we are so happy to be done and now enjoying our baby. We are all recovering…and when I say all I include Seth because he was down and out for a few mins being revived with smelling salts.

Kristen is doing well, although definitely still recovering from her surgery.  We are looking forward to being home in the next couple of days and celebrating Christmas with family, especially Jackson.

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A snowy weekend

The update from here is that we have 20 inches of snow…but no baby yet. We go in tonight to check about his position and will start induction if everything is a go. If he is breech they will set me up for a c-section tomorrow. So, still a waiting game. We will let you know how it goes! We will post snow pictures soon!

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So we went in today for the c-section. I was all hooked up, in a gown and awaiting my spinal. The anesthesiologist was getting me to sign off on the final papers and the doctor came in with the sonogram machine to get one last peek at his position. Sure enough Owen was head down. SOOO after much anticipation, farewells to Jackson and not much sleep the last few days we were sent home to wait a few days. I am contracting every 5-6 mins but nothing strong enough to make fast changes. I will go in Sunday night to begin induction if he hasn’t come by then. In the meantime I am drinking raspberry leaf tea and looking up any old wives tales that might move this along. Of course the concern is that he will move back and I will still need a c-section so please pray with us that this is for real and that we can move forward without a c-section.

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Kristen and I head to the hospital today for a C-section.  Owen is still breech and supposedly a “gigantic baby” so the doctors said it’s time to get him out.  And since she is 39 weeks tomorrow, it’s a good time for him to come.  Kristen is definitely ready to not have a head under her ribs and feel so uncomfortable.

We’re looking forward to meeting him and holding him.  As is Jackson.  But I think Jack will be distracted for a few days since we’re supposed to get 12 inches of snow starting tonight.

Check back soon for more info and pictures!

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Happy Early 4 years!

Our 4th wedding Anniversary is fast approaching and I am a bit nervous with Owen coming and things getting a bit crazy that I won’t get to post this. So I am going to post it a bit early!

I am baffled when I think about how God gave me Seth.  It seriously amazes me. I never could have imagined how God would give me exactly what I needed. We have been through so many tough things together and yet looking back I can remember so many wonderful memories that overshadow those hard times. Seth has been so strong through it all.

Tonight we are taking Jackson to see Christmas lights in our neighborhood. The first time we looked at Christmas lights together was in 2004 when I was in Houston for Christmas break during grad school and I made a last minute decision to drive all the way to Dallas to have a date with Seth. We had dinner and drove around to see Christmas lights…I had to be back in Houston by 10 AM the next morning so I had to leave at 5 AM to get back. It was probably the craziest thing I have ever done and by far the craziest thing for a boy! But so worth it. I am so glad that I don’t have to road trip to see him now!  I love living life with him. Here are some pictures of our journey!


Day before the wedding

All bundled up on our Honeymoon…Pike’s Place Market in Seattle

Gaylord Texan- 6 month anniversary

1st Anniversary

Move to DC


Our first baby!



Heading back to US after Bogota

We are going out tomorrow night for an early Anniversary dinner. We are going to go to The Peking Gourmet Inn, which my parents told us was recently on the Food Network, and Jackson is going to have an evening with his cousins! We will attempt to get a picture of us at dinner!

Although I don’t like the saying “grow old with me” (because who really wants to grow old), I am so glad that as I do grow old I will have Seth by my side.  The adventure continues!!! Love you, Seth!

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