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2 months old

Well, it continues to happen. Time continues to fly. It flies whether you are having fun or not I have found. This time it is flying because we are having fun! In this second month of Owen’s life I have had this conflict going on between being so excited to see what he will do next as he grows and wanting so badly for him to stay my itty bitty baby. He is growing too quickly but with each day of growth we see his personality and sweet spirit more and more!

Owen is growing like a weed. At his 2 month appt 2 weeks ago he was 13 lbs 8 oz and 25 plus inches. He is a big boy! During Owen’s second month we started to see big smiles and hear cooing from him. He has a very sweet disposition. I have to be honest, he is a really good baby. I know it isn’t a good idea to say that out loud, let alone put it into writing because there are so many mom’s out there dealing with tough newborn situations, but I have to give him credit. I am kind of in shock waiting for him to launch into crazy baby mode but he hasn’t yet. I am more accustom to frantic crying so this is very enjoyable!  Now that we got his reflux medicine worked out and I am still off dairy he is comfortable and taking in life! I am having dreams about accidentally eating a big piece of yummy dairy-containing dessert so that tells you how I am missing it, but I have a comfortable baby so that makes it worth it!

Owen also successfully lost all of his hair in his second month and regrew a new head of hair! This takes lots of concentration, folks!  Here is a shot of his balding head!

Owen loves to hear Jackson being silly. He smiles and comes close to laughing when he interacts with him. When Seth comes in the door from work Owen lights up and tracks him around the room until he appears in Owen’s view. Owen cracks a huge grin!

Owen on his 2 month birthday!

Love this smiling boy! So thankful he is in our family!


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