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homemade minestrone and a big pot of homemade applesauce!

First halloween for Owen…kind of puzzled about posing with pumpkins

we cut these and dropped our coins in the bucket! one of the many things I am loving here!

the river by our house

gorgeous leaves in our neighborhood (this is our neighbors house)

snuggle bug

ragamuffins going on a bear hunt in the woods near our house..don’t think they found a bear but the house sure was peaceful while they were gone!


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Swiss Summer

Well, we caught the end of the Swiss summer. We had some nice hot days and we are now full on into fall. We were originally arriving towards the beginning of summer so in the end I have felt a bit behind with the seasons. They are sneaking up on me.

Our swiss summer this year was mainly about settling in and finding our way around Bern. My mom came for a couple of weeks which eased our transition greatly! Friends from Bogota, Nick and Kima along with Ben drove over from Zug to visit soon after we arrived. My friend Leigh and her her husband, along with Katy Jo came to visit as well.  So all within our first month we got to see friends and family.

A few pictures…

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Back tracking a bit

When our leave dates kept shifting it was our homeleave that we were going to have to miss. We were so thankful in the end to be able to go see our families before heading overseas.

We started our time in Houston and then followed in Ft. Worth!

Here are some picture highlights from our visit home…

birthday spankings….we arrived in Houston on Jackson’s 3rd birthday!

missing Benjamin!!

1st haircut

skyping my grandparents and cousins Lizzy and Ruthie

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