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Gobble, gobble

We had kind of an extended Thanksgiving this year. We spent Thanksgiving Day in Bern doing untraditional things like eating Chinese food and walking around downtown looking at the windows all decorated for Christmas.  I will be honest holidays away from home are not something I look forward to. By the afternoon I was knee deep in self-pity and if my tired brain is remembering correctly my sweet husband had to basically say that he wasn’t going to want to hang out with me and take me to dinner if I didn’t cheer up. It is a weird lifestyle to begin with most days of the yr but I find holidays to be the toughest.  But by the time we had some dinner and took in some holiday cheer downtown things were looking up. On Friday we headed up to Kandern (not sure if it’s actually up but we headed there) for the weekend with Bo, Leigh and Katy Jo.

It has been a surreal experience for me each time we are with the Bowen’s on this side of the ocean. I always hoped to live near Leigh when we were both grown up and were married with babies but never thought it would happen. After going through all of the jr high, high school and college journeys together it is fun to continue the journey in closer proximity.

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving celebrations both in Bern and Germany

And now off to Kandern…it was a snowy day so we were a bit nervous about the roads. They were clear and it was amazing to do a roadtrip in a winter wonderland!

Friday night Bo and Leigh had arranged for some students from BFA to watch the kids so the grown-ups could go out to dinner! It was a much-needed night out!

pumpkin soup!

so maybe walking the icy hill with a loaded stroller wasn’t the wisest of decisions

the finished bird…best yr yet. Maybe we have finally gotten the hang of it.

I attempted a turkey roll for Jackson…he wasn’t as impressed as you would expect!

our spread

Bo had a broken foot but was a good sport about hosting a crowd!

Jackson waited all week to use the turkey napkin ring he had made at school. The time had finally come! He was so proud of his creation!

Owen had a wonderful first Thanksgiving..he wasn’t so sure of the strawberry bib that KJ lent him but he loved the food!

We had a wonderful weekend and arrived home on Sunday afternoon in time for Seth to shovel the driveway and Jackson to get some rosy cheeks! Followed by a round of hot chocolate!

Let the holiday season begin!


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What’s cookin’

I have been on a cooking kick since we got here. Seth has teased numerous times that he is worried I am secretly pregnant and nesting.  I am not pregnant. I am nesting though.  Last yr I was so big pregnant and uncomfortable that I didn’t feel like I got to really enjoy everything! So, this yr I am soaking up the seasons and having some cooking fun!

I have been using cooking as a much needed outlet from motherhood. I am loving motherhood but sometimes my brain needs to think productively in a different way. My recipes may fail but they most certainly do not talk back or require discipline, therefore I am enjoying the outlet!

The latest new things we have tried are fondue and Panera’s French onion soup!

fondue dippers- mushrooms, bread, potatoes and green apples!

the good stuff! cheese blend, Riesling and garlic. Come on over, we will make you some!

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Picture update

Swiss lost and found…as in you lost it, you find it where you left it.

explorers..pictures don’t do the mountains justice..or our photo-taking doesn’t do them justice, either way you have to see them to get the full grasp on how amazing they are!

feet off the ground.

my view from pushing the stroller…jackson now avoids the “jump seat” and asks Owen if he can ride up front too

Jackson and our neighbor boy riding bikes in our dungeon hallway. We share the bomb shelter and basement hallway so it is a perfect place for the boys to meet up on rainy days!

Jackson with his new buddy Amelia. She and her family are moving down the road from us! Jackson is enjoying getting to know new friends


watching  big brother…cracking up. Wouldn’t you if you saw this….

Jackson, all geared up but somehow missing his pants!

“all done” Not a great picture but you get the idea!

Owen supervising the take-down efforts for the clubhouse

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Autumn continues

I spy a little boy…can you find him?

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