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Salad anyone?!

For my entire life I have seen dandelions as weeds….until coming to Bern. In Switzerland they eat dandelion leaves in salads. In our garden there are lots of leaves and no flowers because our boys pick them..and we don’t use the leaves for salads. A few nights ago I was on a walk in the evening and saw loads of lanky dandelions, naked of all of their leaves.  Guessing one of our neighbors had a nice salad with their dinner. I have heard people here talk about eating them with egg and bacon but when I googled it it seems like there are lots of salads out there using dandelion leaves. Who knew? I didn’t.  So, if you are running low on greens and have an abundance of weeds, I mean dandelion leaves, get picking!

After writing this and getting distracted I opened a bag of salad mix for dinner and I am pretty sure we had some dandelion leaves in there. I can’t say I noticed anything extreme but I still don’t think I will join our neighbors in picking our weeds.

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